Software Features

cmms_softwareCore Features


  • Generates PM (Periodic Maintenance) Work Orders and prints work orders/sends email/SMS notifications automatically based on scheduled PM maintenance
  • Enter multiple PM schedules for a single asset, i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.
  • Track barcodes issued to assets.
  • Track maintenance contracts with other vendors
  • Single click to close work order.
  • Single barcode scan to close work order
  • Accepts CM (Corrective Maintenance) Work Order from anyone with access to your local intranet or optionally, the internet
  • Chart views of productivity by technician e.g. PMs and CMs issued and closed this month, PM and CMs issued and closed in the past 6 months, total productivity, etc
  • Financial tracking of parts used and hours worked based on asset, campus, building, area, department, suite or room
  • Time tracking for periodic and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Parts used for periodic and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Receive notification via email, SMS, or print outs
  • Track groups of equipment, e.g. eye wash stations (24 need to be inspected every week)
  • Track valve locations and PMs

Find Information Fast

  • Create and save favorite reports
  • Classify assets based on equipment groups, types, categories, regions of the facility, delivery systems, financial departments, etc.
  • User-definable types e.g. Air Compressor, Refrigeration, Ventilation, etc.
  • User-definable categories, e.g. Administrative, Diagnostic and Treatment, etc.
  • User-definable groups, e.g. eye-wash stations, valves, etc.
  • Categorize assets by the systems they depends on, e.g. 110 VAC, 220 VAC, Hot Water Delivery, etc.
  • Categorize asset bsed on the financial department it is associated with, e.g. Administration, Plant Operations, Housekeeping, etc.
  • Maintains a list of standard procedures

Track Keyed Assets

  • Track keyed locations, e.g. campus, building, area, suite, room, door and asset
  • Track checked out/in keys
  • Receive email notifications of overdue keys
  • Print reports based on campuses, buildings, areas, departments and suites
  • Track keyed asset

Paint Management System

  • Track painted locations, e.g. campus, building, area, suite,  and room
  • Track paints used, vendors (paint vendor and paint service vendor)
  • Track paint mixture settings
  • Print reports based on campuses, buildings, areas, departments and suite

Electronic Management of Facility Assets

  • Use RFID tags or barcodes to identify assets
  • Use optional RFID reader to identify assets (works several feet away from asset)
  • Scan and go simplicity

Additional Features

  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance contract management
  • Delivery systems management, e.g. what equipment would be affected by a natural gas outage?  What are the startup procedures when the power goes out for a particular item?
  • Lockout/Tagout procedures management

POPS EM Environmental Monitoring

POPS EM is a software and hardware solution for monitoring environmental conditions for large facilities.  The system provides users a way to monitor and record, temperatures, humidity levels, pressure levels and other measurable conditions.  The software allows users to review logs of an unlimited number of entries. Alerts can be configured to notify users of out-of-range readings.