How It Works

red-alertt-shot-alarm-flow-chartRed Alertt’s Shot Alarm is a multi-channel and real-time audio analysis system that was developed to recognize the audio signature of a gunshot. It is a fully automated system that requires no human interaction once set up is complete.

If a gunshot is discharged within a building, Shot Alarm detects the gunshot and automatically sends a message to preselected emergency response team members. Information contained in the message will include the exact time of the occurrence, whether multiple shots were fired, and the location of the shots within the building. The message will be sent via text message, email, instant messenger and/or other communication devices. Shot Alarm filters out sounds similar to gunshots such as thunder, breaking glass or other false positives.

The system is tailorable, allowing for support to existing emergency plans or whole scale automation. In either case, our system is the catalyst to your awareness of an emergent situation.

Features of Shot Alarm

  • Immediate communication with police and other response team members
  • Accurate location identification
  • Fully automated with power outage back up
  • Stand alone system
  • 24/7 gunshot detection